Tour Notes 3: Late reflections on Stoke Newington performances

What Is A Success?

From 17th-22nd April we re-staged the performance in Stoke Newington International Airport making it a three point promenade performance for 45 audience in a small warehouse space. I was surprised at how well the show translated. It retained many of the elements that I thought were specific to intimate performance in a smaller space. The feeling from the audience was intensely engaged. It is possible that a story is a story and that Intimacy is not betrayed by sharing it with more people.

This new, larger re-staging allowed a  freedom for me as the central performer because as I moved around the space and guided the audience from one location to another I had a breather from the intensely intimate gaze of the watching public. This Freedom was also experienced by the audience, a freedom from the responsibility that can arise for a show where the individual audience member makes up such a large percentage of the entire public.

The question arises surrounding what is a success. Is it a success when you are able to give both yourself and the audience relief from the intense intimacy demanded from sharing a personal story with a small amount of audience, or is it a success that you can make audience feel comfortable and willing to experience this intense intimate sharing experience. And is it in fact useful to use the word ‘success’ or is it more about the exploration of different performance contexts.

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