If Walls Could Speak


One week to go on the new show I am directing (freelance) in Birmingham presented at the Midlands Arts Centre on the 17th/18th of March.  Lead artist and vision by Mohammed Ali the Graffiti artist and street muralist behind Soul City Arts. It has been a blast.  I remember that in portuguese when something feels right or like you are at home, you say I’m back on my beach: estou de volta na minha praia…with this process I feel like I’ve got the swimwear, sunnies and rum’n’ginger.  It feels right.  The jokes, the wit, the beauty of the writing, the talent sparking.  It feels like home.

Working once again with two artists (poets, performers and MC’s) whose work I love:  RTkal and  Martin Stanage and new encounters with bubbling spirits: Stephen Morrisson Burke (Birmingham Poet Laureate) MC Conrad long time collaborator with  LTJ Bukem and now moving into new forms of performance and Cleveland Watkiss (Jazz vocalist Extraordinaire) alongside the live visual tapestry created by artist Mohammed Ali.  Two dear friends and collaborators have contributed to making the research deeper and the script stronger: Sonia Hughes and Polarbear.  Once again I have ‘the fear’ as to whether the work will come together in the ridiculously short process we have for a project of this ambition,  but I am learning that this is part of my process.  It will only drive me to make the work stronger, more real, tighter, more authentic and after all, at the end of the day, when all is said n done…it’s all about walking the line isn’t it?

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