Unfinished Business is a contemporary performance company based in London, built around a collaboration between Artistic Director Leo Kay and producer Anna Smith. We work with associate artists and communities to create and tour innovative theatre and performance projects, which challenge conventional socio-political assumptions and audience/performer interaction.

Current Company Associates/Collaborators:
Diane Morgan – Consultant
Doug Williams – Digital Marketing Coordinator
Unai Lopez de Armentia – Deviser/performer
Alexandre Teixeira Da Silva – Musician/Performer
I want Design – Web Design

“Leo managed to gain the trust of and to care tenderly for his audience whilst evoking/provoking powerful emotional responses from them. Brilliantly devised, Leo’s piece was a tender, explosive and exhilarating four minutes. Everything a live art speed-date should be.” [Gary Campbell of Stoke Newington International Airport]

…’the positive effects were undeniable. Audience members, who had met only a few hours before, were joking and embracing like old friends as they left. The extraordinary thing I both admired and loved about the show was its simplicity: get a group of people together to eat and talk. Unfinished Business’ success lies in turning these basic principles into a feast for the soul.” [Fiona Bradley of One Stop Arts]



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