Artistic Director
Leo Kay   
Company Producer
Anna Smith   

3 Responses to Contacts

  1. Hello there!

    I thoroughly loved this evening. As mentioned to Leo – it’s helped me fix my soul (I was in need of it). I promised to pass on the TED talk about vulnerability to Anna, so here it is:

    Just wanted to share it, because it’s good to share the good things.

    Many thanks again

    Loadsa love, Jenny xxx

    • Hey Jenny

      Thank you for the lovely comment and for the link. We will take a look at it. I really enjoyed you being there tonight and it is a great compliment that you have given us, so thank you. The piece is fundamentally about where we find happiness in contrast to where we are told that we should go looking… And as with most of our current work it is looking at human well being and attempting to create a space where change can take place for all involved. I am chuffed that you felt it shifted something, mended something or allowed for you to feel better in some way. I hope our paths cross again soon!
      Much warmth and appreciation.

    • Hey Jenny Have a look at the new blog post partially inspired by Brene Brown after being pointed in her direction by your good self. Spread the word if you like it!
      L xx

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