Change My Mind

Performance, psychology and neuroscience collide in an innovative process lead performance project by Unfinished Business. 

  • What impact does Radical imposed action have on the human mind? 
  • Can we positively change the way we think by challenging habitual patterns of behaviour?

Change My Mind is a new and ambitious voyage of discovery exploring the line between process and performance.  The project will bring together a group of innovative artists from different fields of performance and visual art and specialists from the worlds of neurology and psychology.  In collaboration with chosen individuals from the artist’s lives, a neuroscientist and a psychologist, the group will embark on a journey into their inner depths and outer realms!


The launch this exciting new project we are hosting an initial research weekend in London on 5th and 6th October 2013, where we would like to invite 5 academic researchers working in psychology or neuroscience and 10 artists of varying disciplines to come together to chew the fat and gristle…exploring the structure and content of the project.  The weekend will involve presentations by the scientific collaborators, lots of talking, lots of eating together, and time for digestion and expression.  From this initial weekend we will choose the core team who will collaborate on the full project which will take place over 18 months.  *See full project outline below*

If you are interested in applying to take part, please download the relevant information and get in touch.  The deadline for application is Friday 30th August 2013.  

Change My Mind – Artist Application Information

Change My Mind – Psychology and Neuroscience Application Information

*Full Project Outline*

1. Meeting. Biography. Analysis

5 artists come together to create individual biographies in the form of a creative expression. Working together they will ensure the biography communicates as accurately as possible who they are and how their mind works. At this point they will also undergo psychological and neurological observation.

2. Invitation to CHANGE MY MIND

Each artist will send their biography to 4 individuals from different areas of their lives (a family member, a friend, a fellow artist/colleague, an artist/thinker they admire but don’t know). These recipients will be asked to set the artist a task that they believe will change the way the artist thinks or sees the world. The biographies will also be posted on an online portal, enabling an audience member to set a fifth task.

3. Tasks. Observation. Artistic response

After the completion of each task the group will reunite for a weeklong session (5 in total) and be observed by the neuroscientist and psychologist for change. They will create solo or collaborative work in response to their experiences. We hope that the artists and specialists involved would bring their online networks to the project.

4. Online. Documentation

Throughout the 18 months we will work closely with an online specialist to monitor and update an online portal, which will enable audiences to witness aspects of the process and engage in conversation and debate surrounding the themes.

5. Performance/Presentation

After all the tasks have been completed, we aim to create a collaborative performance drawing together outcomes from the whole process.



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