It’s Like He’s Knocking

“Telling it how it is even when you don’t quite know how it was.”

A striped back performance incorporating story telling, dance theatre and Afro Brazilian percussion, set in the intimacy of a bed-sit. The show transports you through a collage of moments, taken from the lives of three generations of men, exploring ideas surrounding ancestry, memory, healing and the magic of coincidence.  Drink a toast to loved ones, bet on some cards and close your eyes to remember you past. As Leo’s story unfolds; so in turn does your own.

It’s Like He’s Knocking toured the UK to bedsit spaces in conjunction with venues in 2011. The piece was originally made for small spaces and audiences of 15, however it has now been adapted as a promenade show for an audience of 50 people. It is suitable for various larger non theatrical spaces such as warehouses or community halls and could be toured rurally, nationally or internationally.

Creative Team

Creation and performance: Leo Kay
Musical Composition: Pedro Lima De Oliveira (from origional compostion by Mestre Messias)
Musical Participation: Mestre Carlao (Alexandra Texeira da Silva)
Accordion arrangements: Martina Schwarz
Dramaturg: Phil MacKenzie
Script Consultant: Polar Bear 
Producer: Unfinished Business (Leo Kay and Anna Smith)
Technical  Manager:   Mishi Bekesi
Design consultant/stage manager:  Anna Smith

Quotes And Testimonies

This was a fully absorbing performance of a deeply personal subject, a very
brave piece of theatre for which he (Leo Kay), Carlao and composer Pedro LimaDe Oliveira should be applauded. It’s an extremely creative production, and credit to Pulse for bringing it to Ipswich.
BBC Suffolk

a fascinating, spontaneous concoction of world music, dance and storytelling….explosive and often tragic patchwork of narratives about key moments in his life and the lives of his father and grandfather.

**** John-Paul Holden, The List. Edinbrugh Fringe 2010

Audience feedback

Thank you for reminding me of my dad and that its not too late. X

Very Beautiful.  Loved the intimacy and sensitivity of your memories and words and warmth with which you delivered it. It brought back many personal memories, as well as enjoying the richness of yours.  Thank you.

My mum died two months ago. Thank you for giving me permission to make
some new connections.

Bold, brave, true and involving.


5 Responses to It’s Like He’s Knocking

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  2. ejdenly says:

    I saw the performance tonight at the Warwick Arts Centre – incredible, congratulations. I wrote a review (have a bit of a student following on campus) here

    Best of luck for the rest of the run, hope you have equally mesmerised audiences!

    Emma Jane

    • Hi Emma
      Thank you so much for your review. I am really glad that you enjoyed the work. i’ll read the review now. check out the blog if you get a koment. would love to know your thoughts on my thoughts on tour!
      Any how. Thanks once again.
      Best wishes and hope to see you again.

  3. mathilde says:

    Hi Leo!
    It’s been over three years since I saw your play, and it remains one of my fondest memories. It was the first time I related to a performance so intimately and enjoyed it unreservedly, with all my heart.
    It was also the first time I held Paul’s hand. I think both events might have been related!

    I hope I get to see Only Wolves and Lions, although not sure where you’re touring or whether a very young baby could fit in.

    Anyhow, hope to see you again soon! 🙂

    • Hey Mathilde
      That was a lovely message to receive. Thank you. I am so happy that the piece effected you in some way and helped in your romantic journey (that is funny!). was great to have paul in Only Wolves And Lions last week. I will be touring it to Edinburgh, London and Bristol over the summer and autumn. If you can make it then bring the baby and we will see what we do! Would be lovely. If you send me your email I’ll get it on the mailing list so you are up to spead with dates.

      I’m going to visit sooooon!
      L xx

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