Only Wolves And Lions

Filmed and edited by Remi Stewart

Tour Dates:

1st – 2nd November – Albany, London

8th – 10th November – The Parlour Showrooms, Bristol

A meal | A conversation | A performance provocation

Only Wolves and Lions eat alone, you should not eat, not even a snack
on your own….

Cook. Talk. Connect. Unfinished Business invite you to be part of something…

A response to experiencing isolation in a world of infinite virtual connections, Only Wolves and Lions is a rebellion against ready meals and lunch deals; an active experiment in community, action and the pursuit of happiness.

Subverting the conventions of theatre and everyday acts, Leo Kay and company host a meal with a difference; a gently radical evening of simple pleasures that remembers the things we forgot to make time for.

To enter the event, bring enough of one raw ingredient to feed 16-20 people as part of a meal. We’ll provide carbs and condiments. If you’re coming with friends, keep your ingredient a secret!

“Quietly extraordinary… a beautiful, generous, heart-swelling experience.”  Catherine Love -Exeunt Magazine


Devised by Leo Kay & Unai Lopez de Armentia

Performed by Leo Kay & Patrizia Paolini

DJ / Sound Design by Sam Campbell

Produced by Unfinished Business

Filmed by Lamb + Sea and edited by Adam Lavis of Animal Monday.Co-commissioned by Theatre In the Mill, Bradford, South Street Arts Centre, Reading and supported by ACE.

A couple of recent reviews….

Exeunt Magazine

BBC Radio Leeds

One Stop Arts 



Audience Feedback…

“One of the happiest moments of the international Symposium in the city of Nafpaktos” Manolis Tsipos, Live Art Symposium Organiser

“A singularly unique experience, overflowing with charm and invention, ‘Only Wolves And Lions’ is an elegant and intimately involving exploration of how as a species we spend our time together, and why. Wearing its politics lightly, it nonetheless has a lot that is serious and urgent to say about community and about survival and about what there is, in the end, which is truly valuable to us. I can’t wait to see where it goes next.” Sammy Metcalf: Organizer of Fatoria de Fuegos Festival in Vitoria, The Basque Country & Artistic Director of Sleepwalk Collective

“Having seen ‘Only Wolves and Lions’ at STK in January I was struck by the authenticity and warmth of the interaction between the performers and the audience”   [Paul Warwick: Director of China Plate]

“Only Wolves And Lions’ is an important idea elegantly realised, a gathering that reflects and celebrates the communal. Remember to take some appetite.”  [Tassos Stevens: Coney Theatre Company]


4 Responses to Only Wolves And Lions

  1. Gita Mistry says:

    The piece is a great performance of life as we knew it, as we know it and how we want to know it as we let go…
    interaction that brings together all the senses and enables a sense realisation and freedom.
    Gita Mistry

  2. stace says:

    I’m still digesting the experience almost a year on

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