Personal Manifesto Workshop lead by Leo Kay

Watch this space for details of future workshops.  Personal Manifesto is an open workshop lead by Unfinished Business artistic director Leo Kay.

Leo Kay is a Theatre maker, whose work engages elements of intimate story telling, live art performance practice, spoken word, physical theatre and site responsive/specific considerations.  Leo runs a two-day process of interrogation and celebration of what we are and what guides our interests and stimulates our artistic expression.

The process will centre on some of the companies current performance preoccupations including:

•  Biography and ancestry as source for text and action within performance.
•  Site as stimulus for performance material and final presentation.
•  Intimate audience address/contextualization.
•  Fragmentation and collage, as influences on contemporary story telling practice.

We will explore these ideas through physical training (engaging elements of the Afro Brazilian Martial Art of Capoeira  form in his warm up process), ensemble practice, writing, improvisation and staging processes.

 “The super objective of a lot my workshop practice seems to be to empower the participating artist with a sense of creative autonomy.  So they feel they are happy and able to make decisions about the direction their expression is going in, with a confidence that these decisions are linked to their core beliefs and emotional drives………..A central aspect of live performance is the meeting between audience and performer.  My practice interrogates this part of the performance experience, searching for an authentic exchange between performer and small audience numbers. My current work primarily engages persona, as opposed to character, in an attempt to create an alive, authentic context for performance and exchange.”


2 Responses to Workshops

  1. Thandi says:

    Tried to reserve a place… Contacted Anna
    By the email given. No reply. Full?

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